AAC - Lightwriter SL-87

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Manufacturer: Toby Churchill, Ltd
Rental Terms: $20 for 30 days, plus $9 maintenance fee
Lightwriter SL87 is a scanning and keyboard communicator designed for use by individuals with communication or speech disabilities. This communication aid has an alphabetic keyboard, a large scanning display with a high-contrast backlit screen, and DECtalk English speech synthesizer installed. 

Scan methods include single-switch automatic row / column scanning, or two-switch step scanning, both with optional auditory feedback. For individuals using headpointers, the scan screen can be set to display eight predictions instead of just one, each selected using the number keys.

The scan screen can also be set to display four lines of small-sized text, two lines of medium-sized text, or one line of large text to accommodate users with short-term memory disabilities (several sentences can be viewed on screen at once), or for users with severe vision impairment.

 4.3 x 9 x 10 inches.
Characters on the user's display are 0.25 inches high; characters on the listener's display are 3/8 inches high. WEIGHT: 9.3 pounds.