Explore solutions to increase your independence in your COMMUNITY

Do you daydream about outdoor activities on sunny days? Get back to life. Get back to living. Enjoy your hobbies - indoors or outdoors.

These are just some of the devices available through ATI’s Library:

Wildlife: Switch Adapted Cameras, Image Stabilized and Focus Free  Binoculars Switch Adapted Fishing Reels, Wheelchair Accessible Tent, High Quad Gun Mounts, and Limited Mobility Gun and Compound Bow Mounts
Traveling: Portable Ramps, Personal Amplification Systems, even Four-Wheel Outdoor Scooters
Gardening: Long Handle Tools, Electric Pruners, Magnification aids, and Weed Zappers
Building: Anti-vibration and Battery Powered Hammers, Digital Angle Finders, Craftsman Ratchet Combination Wrench and Automatic Adjustable Wrenches
Auto Work:
Portable Tire Step-Up Tool, Battery Powered Grease Gun, and Cordless Ratchet

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