Assistive technology products and services are expensive. If you are looking for funding assistance to purchase specific assistive technology products to reduce barriers in your daily living, we welcome you to explore these creative options.


Our Reuse Program allows you to purchase gently used assistive technology devices 
These items still have many years of usefulness; they just need to get into the hands of people who need them. For your convenience, these items are listed online in the MarketPlace.

Rent to Own

It’s no surprise that technology changes rapidly, and as equipment in the Device Loan Library becomes discontinued from the manufacturers, our Rent-to-Own Program allows individuals to purchase discontinued products from the Loan Library.

We are updating the list of equipment available for the activity.


The Layaway Program is an option for individuals wishing to purchase assistive technologies without using credit or paying the full price immediately. 

A copy of the layaway contract is available at the following link: ATI Layaway Contract. 

Open-Ended Loan

An Open-Ended Loan item is a pre-identified piece of Assistive Technology that is no longer potentially helpful to a customer in a decision making process and/or is no longer commercially available for purchase or acquisition.

We are updating the list of equipment available for the activity.