ALD - ComTek AT - 72

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    AT - 72
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    6/30/2009 7:00:00 AM
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    COMTEK® Communications Technology, Inc
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    357 West 2700 South
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    Salt Lake City
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    (801) 466-3463
Are you experiencing difficulties hearing in a classroom, or at a conference? try the ComTek AT - 72. This digital assistive listening device is designed to function as a remote microphone for the user, overcoming the greatest listening challenges for those with impaired hearing: high levels of background noise, reverberation effects and distance between the speaker and listener.

COMTEK's high performance wireless communication products can be used for many different applications allowing users to easily overcome a number of common listening challenges such as a high level of background noise, long distances between the speaker and listener, and other factors that hamper effective communication. 

The speaker wears a personal transmitter and microphone. The listener wears a personal receiver and earphone. This system functions as a remote microphone for the listener overcoming difficult listening challenges.
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