Alert - Sonic Remote Receiver

SKU: 2169
Model: SA 101
Availability: Available for Short Term Loan
Original Purchase Price: $50
Manufacturer: Sonic Alert, Inc.
Rental Terms: $9 maintenance fee for 30 days
Plug the Sonic Alert receiver into a lamp, then when paired with a Sonic signaler or transmitter, the receiver flashes to alert you to sounds around you.

The receiver works great in most rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom where an extra lamp is not needed for lighting.

An indicator light reminds you to turn on the attached lamp. The Super Shaker bed vibrator SA-SS120V can also be plugged into the SA101 in place of the lamp.

Remember, the receiver must be used with a Sonic Alert signaler, and the lamp plugged into the SA 101 can only be used for signaling.

Sonic receiver manual