Alert - Sonic Ringer Telephone Signaler

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    TR 100
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    6/30/2010 7:00:00 AM
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    Sonic Alert, Inc.
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    1050 East Maple
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Increase the safety of a loved one - Explore alerting devices and help them to be aware of important sounds in their home, such as the telephone or doorbell ringing, kitchen timer, or even the baby crying.  

There are a variety of alerting devices on the market, but figuring out which one best meets your needs can be difficult. Access our lending library, and see which system works best for you: Sonic, Simplicity, or Silent Call.

This Sonic Telephone Signaler will alert you to the ringing of your telephone by sounding a loud adjustable horn automatically. Use additional remote receivers with this signaler to flash lights or sound horns in other rooms throughout your home or office as well.
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