AAC - Talking Photo Album

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Manufacturer: DynaVox Mayer-Johnson
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This easy-to-use speech output device holds simple 4" x 6" photos, and includes a total of 24 pages, each with an individual message capacity of 10 seconds.

You can use photos, book cutouts, symbols, drawings, Xeroxes, newspaper clippings, and/or text on each of its 24 pages.

Individuals can use Talking Photo Albums to give instructions, to begin a conversation, to tell stories, to record autobiographical information, to facilitate daily conversation, to order in a restaurant, to facilitate memory and for scores of other purposes.

Simply insert photos or picture/text cards into the transparent sleeves and record messages. Then, just squeeze PLAY button to activate speech. The Talking Photo Album is ideal for things like:

Talking stories
Communication books
Step-by-step instructions
Memory books
Personal information