Bar Code Identifier - I.D. Mate

SKU: 2828
Model: i.d. mate Summit
Serial Number: B1379
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Original Purchase Price: $1300.00
Manufacturer: En-Vision America, Inc.
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Take the ID Mate to the grocery store to help you identify any bar-coded food package. Scan any UPC or bar code and hear the details! OMNI is an all-in-one, hand-held talking bar code scanner.
ID  mate Summit is a portable “all-in-one” talking bar code scanner that aids visually or print impaired individuals with the identification of items via the product’s bar code or UPC. Using text-to-speech and digital voice recording technologies, it allows users to access an on-board database of product descriptions, along with a tailored set of recorded voice messages.

With ID Mate Summit, the user can quickly add additional voice recorded information to existing products or to items not found in the database. Additional bar code labels are available to label any product or item that does not already have a bar code. Adhesive, tag, and clothing labels can be placed on nearly anything. Simply scan the bar code and add a voice recording.

The portable OMNI boasts a huge on-board database of millions of items. This updateable database includes grocery, pharmacy, CDs, DVDs, spirits and much more. It includes many store brand generics too. If an item isn't included in the database, you can easily add it with a quick voice recording. 

Extended information is included for many items. Listen for nutritional information, ingredients, cooking instructions, allergen warnings, directions, package size, song tracks, detailed descriptions and more.

User's Guide (pdf)
User's Guide (text version)