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The Prisma is a versatile full color magnifier that connects to any standard domestic TV providing magnification to a broad range of viewing material in full color or enhanced modes.

The Prisma is extremely compact and light, thus easily portable, and occupies a discrete and small footprint in any work or desk space. The Prisma delivers a simple, high quality and affordable solution for a broad range of daily needs in the home or when a level of mobility is required with the carry case supplied.
It comes in handy when working from home, school work, office work; reading and writing mail; reading newspapers, magazines, books etc.; hobbies, crosswords and puzzles; medicine bottles and pills; phone books, schedules, TV listings; filling in forms, documents and signing checks; looking at family photographs; drawing, artwork, and analyzing bills.
MAGNIFICATION: 15inch screen: 3X - 30X.
MODES: Full Color. Enhanced black on white. Enhanced white on black
WEIGHT: 1.2 kg (2lb 10oz)
UNIT SIZE: 240 x 410 mm (9 x 16 inches)

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