Computer - Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch Laptop

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Every Mac comes with the latest technology. The Mac Pro is equipped with fast Intel processors, high-performance graphics, and high-speed DDR3 memory. And OS X Lion is custom-made to take advantage of every bit of that technology including managing your photos, editing video, even playing graphics-intensive 3D games. OS X comes with a variety of assistive technologies to help those with vision disabilities, including a built-in screen reader, screen and cursor magnification, high-contrast settings, and more.

For those who are blind or have low vision, VoiceOver screen-reading technology that’s part of Mac OS X enables you to use your computer via spoken descriptions and offers plug-and-play support for braille displays. OS X includes a talking alerts, talking calculator, and talking clock.

For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, Mac OS X lets you change system notifications from an audible alert to a visual alert. So if an application needs your attention, instead of playing a tone, Mac OS X flashes the entire screen. Mac OS X also supports playback of closed captioning using QuickTime Player, Front Row, and DVD Player applications. And if you communicate using sign language, iChat and the high-quality video frame rate of the built-in camera make for a great way to stay in touch with anyone, anywhere.

For those who find it difficult to use a mouse, keyboard, or trackpad, Mac OS X features Mouse Keys, Slow Keys, Sticky Keys, an onscreen keyboard, customizable keyboard shortcuts, trackpad gestures, and more to help you navigate your Mac. Speakable Items let you control the computer using your voice instead of the keyboard.