Computer - Laptop Cooling & Comfort Station

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Rapidly removes damaging heat while improving workspace comfort. USB powered, high capacity blower fan rapidly drives damaging heat away from system.

Gentle slope can reduce wrist strain frequently associated with working on laptop computers. Raises screen height to help reduce neck strain. Use at your desk or in your lap. Fits conveniently within laptop bags.

Technical specifications:
Fan Power Source: USB connection to laptop
Fan Type: 70mm, 11 blade, blower
Fan MTBF: 25,000 hours (approximately 3 years of continuous use)
Screen Height Increase: 2 inches (51mm)
Keyboard comfort slope: 8 degrees
Weight: 15 oz. (.42 kg)
Dimensions in inches (on desk/in lap): 11W x 9.75D x 2H inches/11W x 9.75D x 1.25H inches
Physical Laptop Compatibility: Universal
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