Cutlery - One Hand Cutlery Set

SKU: 2759 (g)
Model: Ableware One Hand Cutlery
Availability: Demonstration Use Only - Statewide
Original Purchase Price: $71.00
Manufacturer: Maddak Inc.
Rental Terms: HYGIENE PRODUCT - available for DEMONSTRATION only
Check out this lightweight fork and knife combination!

Designed for use with either hand, this easy to use One-Hand Cutlery set measures 8 3/4 inches high x 1 1/4 inches wide and can be disassembled for cleaning.

Simply push down onto your food and the fork retracts up inside the three-sided box knife. The knife then cuts a bite-sized piece of food. Release the pressure and the spring-mounted fork with the cut food extends past the knife.

A raised lip guard on the fork section protects lips from the knife edges.