Desk Riser - Deskalator set

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Availability: Available for Short Term Loan
Original Purchase Price: $30.50 for set of 4
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Rental Terms: $9.00 maintenance fee for 30 days

Additional Info: Access Technologies, Inc. 3070 Lancaster Dr NE Salem, OR 97305 Toll-free voice/TTY: 1-800-677-7512 Voice/TTY: (503) 361-1201

Is your desk too low?

Can't just glue on more leg? Here is the solution.

Deskalator's come in 1" heights; they are stackable and interlocking. You can raise your desk 1" or 2" or 3" with safety. Use them to create a slope to your work area. These will adapt your circular or square legs up to 3" in diameter, even straight side panels up to 1.5" wide. These items for purchase only, not for rental.