Hand Tools - Digital Force Gauge

SKU: 2355
Model: FGE100X
Availability: Lab Use Only
Original Purchase Price: $520.00
Manufacturer: Shimpo Instruments
Rental Terms: Available for demonstration

Designed to ergonomically fit in the palm of your hand, the rugged, all metal construction of the FGE Digital Force Gauge permits accurate measurement and display of compression and tension forces up to 100 pounds.

Shimpo FGE-X digital force gauges are highly accurate and suitable for applications with strict tolerances. They have a very fast update rate to capture the highest compression/tension force. You can easily capture peak measurements with the press of a button.

Model Includes:

AC adapter/charger
Carrying case

  • Hook
  • Chisel
  • Flat head
  • Notched head
  • Hanger
  • Cone head
  • Extension rod
  • Inch adapter