Hand Tools - Digital Laser Ruler - Stanley Tru-Laser

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    TLM 100
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    Lab Use Only
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    Available for demonstration
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    Stanley Tools Product Group
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    480 Myrtle Street
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    New Britain
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    09/30/2009 07:00:00
Features and Benefits:

”Tru” laser measuring at the press of a button– Just point the laser, press the button, and measure. One person measuring, saving both time and money.
Ideal for: Appraisers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Technicians, Floor and Tile Layers, and Painters.
Versatile– Measure indoors, outdoors, and hard to reach areas.

Tru Laser technology– actually measuring the laser light travel distance
Larger LCD graphical display
Single Point and Push ON/Measurement
Ergonomic rubberized grip for comfort and impact resistance
Measure areas, volumes, single distance, as well as calculate- add / subtractAccuracy: ± 1/4" (± 6mm) at 100-ft (30m)
Range: 2'-100' (0.6m - 30m)
Display Size: 2-line
Units of Measure: FT/1/8”, FT/100ths, IN/10ths, Metric
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