Digital Tablet- CyberPad 8.5 x 11

SKU: 2406
Availability: Available for Short Term Loan
Original Purchase Price: $165.00
Manufacturer: Adesso, Inc.
Rental Terms: $9 maintenance fee for 30 days
The CyberPad lets you put any ordinary letter size or A4 size paper on the pad and use the inking pen to write directly on the paper. 

No matter where you are, the CyberPad instantly captures and stores your notes, ideas, sketches, flowcharts and anything else in digital format in the pad’s memory, without the use of computers and special papers. 

By connecting the CyberPad to your PC or notebook, it allows you to capture, organize, and share your digital files. Also, using the CyberPad in Landscape format, you can use it as a drawing tablet to write or draw, right on your computer screen.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/2000
128MB RAM or higher
32MB hard disk space
Pentium III or equivalent or higher
Available USB port

Adesso Cyberpad User Manual (pdf)
My Ink Manual (pdf)
Software Manual (pdf)