Digital Tablet - Wacom Intuos4 Mid Pen Tablet

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Original Purchase Price: $385.00
Manufacturer: Wacom Technology Corporation
Rental Terms: $9 maintenance fee for 30 days
With 40 square inches of working area, this ambidextrous, medium-sized tablet provides ample workspace for most tablet users and includes eight customizable ExpressKeys with illuminated displays that provide easy reference for assigned functions, and a finger-sensitive touch ring that controls up to four different functions per application.

You use a digital pen to draw upon it, and what you draw appears on your screen. Of course it doesn't appear on the tablet so it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you have the hang of coordinating your hand to the screen you'll never want to go back to a mouse for drawing or detailed photo-editing.

The tablet is pressure-sensitive so you can vary the width, opacity or jitter (etc) of your lines,The Intuos4 Wireless pen tablet with Bluetooth wireless technology lets you relax in your favorite working position or move about freely up to 33 feet from your computer.

System Requirements:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2+), Mac OS X 10.4.8+. Note: Also requires color display, powered USB port, CD/DVD drive, and broadband Internet connection to download bundled software.