ECU - PocketMate

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    6/30/2010 7:00:00 AM
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    SAJE Technology
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There are a variety of environmental control units on the market, but finding one that meets your specific needs can be difficult. Did you know, there are several ECUs in our lending library, including this PocketMate? Borrow one before making a purchase - and control your environment!
This a portable environmental control unit is designed to control over 256 functions of lights, appliances, beds, doors, telephone functions and infrared devices.

The PocketMate can accept single or dual switch scanning, allowing you to navigate through options more quickly using one switch, and selecting your option with the second.

Features include audible feedback as well as visual confirmation. A 2.25 inch display is easy for many folks to see, and for ease of use, the PocketMate also features programmable macros, user adjustable scan speed, volume, brightness and scan repeat.

The Pocketmate has the ability to operate up to 16 different devices at a time.
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