ECU - SAJE Evaluation Case

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Manufacturer: SAJE Technology
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SAJE Technology products allow you to control your environment simply by using voice commands that you specify. The environmental control unit is designed to promote independence and accessibility for people who are facing aging or disability. The speech recognition engine is speaker independent, so there are no long training sessions required as with most ECU systems on the market.

The voice commands that you give the system are direct voice commands, with other ECU products on the market you navigate through a “Voice Tree”. This navigation can be extremely frustrating when trying to surf through television channels and completing multiple commands in a short period of time. With the SAJE Technology products, you only need to speak the direct command (i.e. TV POWER, BEDROOM LIGHT, DVD PLAY) and it will be executed.

Some of the devices that can be controlled by SAJE Technology products:


Infrared Audio/Video Equipment

Adjustable Beds

Nurse Call or Call Bell

Lights and Lamps

Door Openers


Fan and Temperature Control