Eyewear - Solar 3 Plum

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    Solar 3 6V355C5P - Plum
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    Available for Short Term Loan
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    $9 maintenance fee for 14 days
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    Eschenbach Optik of America
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    904 Ethan Allen Highway
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    06/30/2010 07:00:00
Check out Eschenbach's line of Contrast Enhancing Filters. Solar3s provide 40% more protection from the sun than regular sunglasses because of the top and side shield design.

These contrast filters are available in polarized gray, yellow, amber, orange and plum lens tints. The Gray Polarized and Plum lenses decrease overall light transmission and reduce glare. While the Yellow, Amber, and Orange lenses decrease blue light transmission and increase contrast.

The SolarShields are available for loan in three frame sizes. Solar3 contrast enhancing filters are wrap-around glasses that are ideal for emmetropes (those who require no correction), contact lens wearers, younger patients and hip seniors, and are available in five lens tints polarized gray, yellow, amber, orange and plum.

Solar3s are offered in a comfortable, lightweight frame style and are designed to improve contrast and reduce intraocular glare, thereby providing a more comfortable viewing experience. Unlike regular SolarShields, Solar3s are meant to be worn as 'wear-alones', as opposed to fitting over a patient's standard eyewear.

The Plum polycarbonate Solar3s provide medium range blue light filtering, which is ideal for contrast enhancement and improves visual acuity. These filters block 100% UVA/UVB light and 100% visable light up to 400nm.
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