Fishing - Rod with Toggle Activated Inshore Electric Drive Spinning Reel

SKU: 2814
Model: Berkly AMP 7' Rod with 450PTH and Penn 550ssg
Availability: Available for Short Term Loan
Original Purchase Price: $520.00
Manufacturer: Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc.
Rental Terms: $9 maintenance fee for 30 days
Enjoy fishing but experience difficulties reeling in your catch? Then rent one of our fishing systems and reel in the BIG ONE independently!

This fishing system combines the PENN 550SSg Spinfisher reel with the powerful Electramate 450-PTH electric reel drive equipped with a toggle switch, to allow individuals with arthritis, limited hand dexterity, or physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the sport of fishing without assistance.

ELEC-TRA-MATE notes this fishing system is powerful enough to land large mouth bass, small mouth bass, brim, crappie and other freshwater species without the need to "assist" the motor by cranking.
The toggle switch is strategically placed to ensure easily access for one hand use, or talk with our AT Specialists about other solutions to increase your fishing independence.

Use this fishing system on your lucky rod, or borrow one of ours. For your fishing pleasure, we have paired this fishing system with a Berkly AMP 7 foot, two - piece M spinning rod. The rod and reel with the electric drive weighs about 10lbs, so to offset the weight, you may wish to check our loan library for various rod holders that attach to a wheelchair or to the body of the user.