Forearm Wedge Kit

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Manufacturer: WEDGE-EASE
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The forearm supports are designed for use in production applications where the user's arms must maintain awkward and unsupported positions that can lead to discomfort or stress. They support wrists and forearms in a neutral posture, allowing for a comfortable working posture that may help reduce fatigue and discomfort.

Nonslip base
Soft, durable vinyl that’s easy to clean
Professional appearance
Highly resilient, soft foam core
Four different sizes meet most users’ needs
Helps support wrists in a neutral position and reduce neck and back fatigue
Regular Stacker and Mini Stacker are the perfect supports for microscopes with low stage and focus controls
Mini-Stacker is an ideal elbow cushion
Products can be stacked for additional height 

Mini: 3 1/2"W front, 5"W back x 5"L x 1"H front and back;
Reg: 3"W front, 5"W back x 10"L x 1" H front and back;
2": 3" W front, 5"W back x 10"L x 2"H front; 1"H back;
3": 3"W front, 5"W back x 10"L x 3"H front, 1"H back