Hand Tools - Hammer - FatMax AntiVibe

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    FatMax 51-943
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    Available for Short Term Loan
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    $9.00 maintenance fee for 30 days
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    Stanley Tools
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    480 Myrtle Street
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    New Britain
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    06/30/2010 07:00:00
Are you struggling with a home improvement, or school building project because you haven't found the right handtool to accommodate your injury or disability? There are many different hammers on the market designed to prevent wrist and arm injuries, but figuring out which tool is right for you can be challenging.

We now have a variety of handtools available for short term loan, including this AntiVibe hammer by FatMax.

Check out this 20 ounce anti-vibration hammer. The patented tuning fork design of the FatMax reduces harmful vibration that can lead to wrist and arm injuries.

The ergonomically designed grip reduces fatigue and allows for multiple grip positions, and the texture molded into the grip provides increased comfort and performance even when wet.

Borrow the FatMax for a few days and compare it to your hammer and you'll see the difference!
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