Hunting - High Quad Gun Mount Limited ROM

SKU: 2853
Model: HQ100
Availability: Available for Short Term Loan
Original Purchase Price: $1,650.00
Manufacturer: BE Adaptive Equipment LLC
Rental Terms: $20.00 for 14 days, plus $9 maintenance fee
Regain your hunting independence! The HQ100 Gun Mount allows you to to control a rifle or shotgun with your mouth and limited or no arm movement. The simplicity of the HQ100 even allows it to operate pistols and crossbows.

The HQ100 includes a power trigger to fire the weapon; which is operated by a very slight suction on the blue tube, seen in the picture. Windage and elevation are controlled by the joystick that can be operated by your chin, and the adjustable speed controls on the windage and elevation allow you to set the speed that is most comfortable for you. 

Concerned about the recoil? Marketing information indicates the HQ100 comes standard with a recoil compensation mechanism to help absorb the recoil of the weapon being fired. The equipment operates on 12 volt DC power and comes with a pigtail that can be attached to one of the batteries in your chair.

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