iPod Touch 4th Generation

SKU: 2940
Model: A1367 4th Generation
Serial Number: C3LDH1JTDCPC
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Original Purchase Price: $399.00
Manufacturer: Apple
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Black and white and fun all over!

Is an iPod the right accommodation for your son or daughter’s visual impairments?

Before you buy one and spend the time downloading a bunch of apps that may or may not provide the outcome you are hoping for, why not borrow one from our lending library?

Spoken Menus to allow the individual to navigate around the menu, search and select a specific track, artist, or playlist, or even know when the battery is low - all without looking at the screen.

Ability to adjust the size, color, layout, and background of the text; which can be helpful for some individuals with mild vision impairments.

Enhanced audio recording allows students to record notes in the classroom that can be later heard at another time.

Call for information on apps currently installed on the iPod.

User Guide (pdf)
Features Guide (pdf)