Keyboard - PAC Mate Omni

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Manufacturer: Freedom Scientific, Inc.
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The PAC Mate Omni provides users with a host of productivity tools that enable them to access virtually every application that sighted users of mainstream PDAs enjoy.
Turn on the PAC Mate, and you'll immediately notice the familiar look, feel, and sound of JAWS®, the world’s most popular screen reading software. The PAC Mate Omni comes loaded with context-sensitive Help features to get you up and running quickly with pre-installed Mobile versions of Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, Calendar, Outlook, Inbox, Contacts, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player.

The PAC Mate Omni runs “Mobile” versions of popular Microsoft Office® applications and uses ActiveSync® to seamlessly synchronize with your desktop computer. Your e-mail, Contacts, appointments, files, tasks, and even Web favorites are effortlessly updated every time you connect. It all happens in the background while you use your PC or PAC Mate. The versatile PAC Mate Omni meets the on-the-go needs of users at work, at school, and at play with everything from word processing, to spreadsheets, to mobile Web access.

The PAC Mate Omni QX400 keyboard consists of six rows of keys with the QWERTY keyboard complete in the first five rows from the bottom up.
To help you stay oriented, there are three finger bumps on the QX400 surface, above and between the Function Keys: F4 and F5, F8 and F9, F12 and the PrtSc Key.

JAWS Laptop keystrokes have been used where possible and with the inclusion of the INSERT Key as the JAWS Key, experienced JAWS users should have no problem learning the PAC Mate Omni commands.