Cooking - Adaptive Kitchen Utensil Kit

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Availability: Demonstration Use Only - Statewide
Manufacturer: Manufacturer information is not available
Rental Terms: HYGIENE PRODUCT - available for DEMONSTRATION only
Have you ever wondered what kind of adaptive devices are available to use in the kitchen? Check out our Adaptive Kitchen Utensil Kit and see some of the devices that you might not be aware of. These devices include:

Big Numbers Measuring Cups (on plastic ring)
  ¼ cup; 60mL
  1/ 3cup; 80mL
  ½ cup; 120mL
  1 cup; 235mL 

Double Spatula
Tomato/Onion Slicing Guide-one hand(locking)
Oven Rack Guards(2)
Stove Knob Turner
Push Pull Oven Rack Stick 
Rocking T Knife with protective blade cover
Dual Countdown Vibrating Kitchen Timer
Talking Timer
Liquid Level Indicator (model: DK127)
One Touch Can Opener