Lifting - TeamStrap

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The TeamStrap is both easy to use and allows safe body mechanics.

Designed to allow the users to maintain a neutral spine during use thus allowing maximum comfort and less stress on joints.

TeamStrap is a two-man adjustable lifting strap and is rated to lift up to 650 lbs.

Lifting heavy or bulky items such as sofas, big screen tv's, washer/dryers, stoves, refrigerators, and much more has never been easier.

TeamStrap contains 2 Harness Straps and an adjustable lifting strap.
It makes lifting large, hard to handle items a breeze to move around corners, up and down stairs, and many tight spaces.

Physics is the basis of the product by lowering the center of gravity and dispersing the weight between two people. The TeamStrap® movers strap uses leverage instead of strength. Avoid injuries and let the strap carry the weight!