Lighting - Verilux Natural Daylight Floor Lamp

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Are your eyes asking for more light for reading or needlework? Not sure what lighting condition is right for your situation? Why not schedule time to come by and see the lighting solutions available in our Device Demonstration Library, or borrow one and try it in your home.

The Verilux Natural Daylight Floor Lamp is designed with a flexible goose neck and two levels of illumination to place indoor daylight exactly where you want it. The Hi-Low power switch allows you to adjust the amount of light for the task at hand. 

The Natural Daylight spectrum lamp creates glare free, visually efficient lighting, reduces eyestrain, provides sharp visibility for close tasks, and shows truer colors like natural daylight. 


Lamp Height: 48 inches high - 90º Position, 61 inches Extended
Base: 10.5 inches long x 9 inches wide
Head Dimensions: 9.5 inches x 5.75 inches x 1.75 inches
Weight: 10 lbs.
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