Magnifier - Clip-on Magnifier Kit

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Does your low vision make it difficult to read books, labels on medicine bottles, recipes or your computer screen?

Before you buy one, explore the variety of magnifiers in our lending library. Try them in your personal environment throughout the day or night to determine which one best accommodates your eyes and tasks at hand.

The Clip-on magnifiers attach to your prescription eyewear! The Clip version includes most of the same features as the MaxDetail: 2x magnification, hands-free design, large working distances, and wide field of view.

See if any of these Clip-on magnifiers will increase your reading independence - hands-free!

Specs Include:

Black Frame without Lens
 Binocular Lens (1.7x 2.8D Aspheric Lens)
 Binocular Lens (2x4D Aspheric Lens)
 Binocular Lens (2.5x6D Aspheric Lens)
 Binocular Lens (3x8D Aspheric Lens)
 Monocular Lens (4x16D Aspheric Lens)
 Monocular Lens (7x28D Aspheric Lens)
 Binocular Clip-On for Near (2x 4D Aspheric Lens)
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