Monitor - 19 inch LCD Touchscreen

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The touchscreen interface can be beneficial to those that have difficulty using other input devices such as a mouse or keyboard. When used in conjunction with software such as on-screen keyboards, or other assistive technology, they can help make computing resources more available to people that have difficulty using computers.

Those who cannot understand the concept of using a keyboard or mouse (left/right clicking, dragging) have a much easier time touching the screen. Young and autistic children can now focus on learning applications as opposed to learning how to use computer hardware.
The 1900L touchmonitor senses touch on the display by recognizing the unique pattern of sounds. As touchscreens do not provide tactile cues in order to activate a control, blind and partially sighted users rely on touchscreens that have the ability to provide audio clues for the location of the control.

A person who has lost an arm or a hand may be using a prosthetic device. This may result in insufficient control to be able to accurately point at and press buttons or keys on a keyboard. A touchscreen monitor may provide better access for those who have limited hand or arm movement.

Typical business applications of the touchscreen monitor include point-of-sale (POS), point-of-information (POI), point-of-service, interactive digital signage, loyalty systems, kiosk information systems, light industrial shop-floor automation and even home control.
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