Mouse - AirO2bic Mouse (Left Hand)

SKU: 2357
Model: E-Quill-AirO2Bic
Availability: Demonstration Use Only - Salem
Manufacturer: Ergoguys, LLC
Rental Terms: Available for demonstration
The AirO2bic Mouse for left-handed users is designed to maintain your fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm, those muscles most at risk of fatigue, in a near resting, muscle relaxed, posture, which ergonomist's call "Functional Neutral", to help maintain more aerobic conditions in those tissues and reduce the risks of Repetitive Negligible Force Injuries.

The AirO2bic Mouse for left-handed users is the only Ergonomically Functional Neutral vertical mouse that does not need to be gripped, and it untwists the wrist. The AirO2bic mouse has been clinically proven to help prevent and improve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. Its unique shape offers full support to your hand in a vertical position, which allows you to keep your arm, wrist and hand in a neutral form.
The heel and sidewall prevent the strain of wrists caused by flexing in the vertical and horizontal directions. The sidewall and button mound allow grip-less movement. For full support of your hand, the AirO2bic Mouse is longer and taller than non-biomechanical mice.


Buttons count - 2 + scroll wheel
Dimensions - 7.44 x 3.15 x 3.58 in (189 x 80 x 91 mm)
Pointer type - Optical