Mouse - Cruise TrackPad

SKU: 2923
Model: 200-30600
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Manufacturer: Ablenet, Inc.
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Control your computer with a single, soft touch. A breakthrough in the world of alternative computer access.
Unlike a mouse, trackball or joystick, CRUISE does not require any hand or wrist movement, and unlike a touchpad, the cursor does not have to be “guided” around the screen by constant finger movement. 

This unique device allows users to control the speed and direction of the cursor with a single, soft touch of its control ring.
It's even switch adapted!

This plug and play mouse works with PS2 and USB ports, and is compatible with PC or Mac computers.

Features Include:
Two switch input jacks for single-switch access to left/right click buttons
Large cursor control ring for precise targeting
Large footprint for stable operation and wrist support
Color-coded buttons (left/right click, drag-lock and double-click)
Four cursor speed control settings with memory and auditory feedback
Stores personal settings for automatic retrieval

Cruise User Manual