Mouse - OrthoMouse

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Manufacturer: Orthovia
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Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, the OrthoMouse is designed to minimize pressure on the carpal tunnel region. The hand position used with this mouse is useful in preventing and rehabilitating other related hand and wrist injuries.

The OrthoMouse encourages a good mousing posture and is customizable. This ergonomic mouse offers three different palm prolongers and two different sizes of upper adapters, allowing you to custom fit the mouse so your hand can rest comfortably.

Six different configurations available offer a custom fit
5 buttons including 3 scroll buttons provide 5 different ways to scroll
Anti-skid texture and optimal location of optical sensor allow for precision movement with minimum travel
Low resistance buttons reduce stress when clicking
Dimensions 2.56" H x 3.23" W x 4.45-5.35" L