Mouse - RollerMouse Free

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Serial Number: 55003410
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Manufacturer: Contour Design, Inc.
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Looking for an alternative mouse? New options have been added to our lending library and they are ready for your exploration, including Contour's RollerMouse Free. 

Repetitive reaching can lead to tightness and pain in the upper back, neck, shoulders and elbow areas, but this ergonomic mouse allows you to work in the comfortable "neutral" posture, and preventing the need to reach to either side.
The Rollermouse Free is easily manipulated with the use of an unflexed hand, eliminating the need to clutch or hold a device to control the cursor. Simply roll the narrow bar up and down or side to side simultaneously with your fingertips!
The RollerMouse offers two easy options for left clicking - either push down on the navigation bar itself, or click the large left button in the button control area. Additional button functions include the traditional right click, a single touch double click button, a scroll wheel, a scroll lock, and copy and paste buttons.

Dimensions: 15" W x 3.5" D x 1.25" H 
The RollerMouse Free was voted Attendees Choice Award for Best New Product at the 2008 National Ergonomics Conference.

User Guide (pdf)