Switch - Savant Elite Triple Action Foot Switch

SKU: 2372
Model: FS30A
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Original Purchase Price: $150.00
Manufacturer: Kinesis Corporation
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For users who require the utmost in productivity and comfort, the Savant Elite Triple Action Foot Switch is the answer.
The Savant Elite foot switch comes pre-programmed to activate right and left mouse clicks, plus a middle mouse button action where a third pedal or input is present. For many users the pain associated with mousing is from the action of clicking, not from moving the mouse. The Savant Elite resolves this problem by relocating the clicking action to the user's feet.

While factory programmed for mouse button emulation, it can be easily reprogrammed on a Windows PC to perform any keyboard action or key combination.

Furthermore, the outer pedals may be adjusted inward to accommodate smaller feet.

· Height: 1.2"
· Width: 10.6"
· Depth front-to-back: 7.0"
· Cable Length: 9.6 ft