Head Mouse - ViVo Mouse

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Availability: Available for Short Term Loan
Original Purchase Price: $550.00
Manufacturer: Vortant Technologies, LLC
Rental Terms: $9 maintenance fee for first 30 days
Looking for a hands-free mouse alternative? New options have been added to the lending library and are ready for your exploration, including the SmartNav 4, ViVo, and Tracker Pro.

Manufactured by Vortant Technologies, the ViVo Mouse is a state of the art head tracker that lets you use your head movements or voice to control your computer.
Simply move your computer mouse by telling it which way to go -- and even how fast to move. The easy to use Voice Clicking allows you to use speech to control the full range of mouse behavior, including single click, double click, right click -- even drag and drop.
This advanced software head tracker works with a simple, off the shelf webcam to automatically find your face. There are no headsets to put on or complicated equipment to adjust.