Seating - Capisco Chair

SKU: 3025
Availability: Demonstration Use Only - Statewide
Manufacturer: HAG Inc.
Rental Terms: For demonstration purposes
Movement and variation of the body are vital while working, but it's all too easy to forget to move, particularly when you are deep in concentration. That is why you need a chair that inspires movement without you having to think about it.

The HAG Capisco is designed for active, nontraditional sitting. You can sit normally, sideways or back-to-front or you can stand up.Freedom of movement for the entire body ensures that you feel healthier and happier and are more rested.

The backrest of the HAG Capisco has incorporated armrests. For a comfortable height of elbow support, adjust the backrest to the preferred height.

The Capisco design chair promotes perfect posture even when you lean forward to work.

The seat entices the lumbar region of the spine into a healthier posture by rotating the pelvis forward. There are a lot of chairs to choose from, with many claims to be the best.

Let our Ergonomic Specialists sort the hype from the facts for your specific needs? This chair is height and tilt adjustable.