Software - Life Balance

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Model: Windows App
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Manufacturer: Llama graphics
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Get control of you life - with Life Balance! This personal coaching software is designed to assist with organizing and prioritizing your daily tasks.

Developed by Llamagraphics, this app is installed on a laptop and ready for you to experience the benefits which include:

Get Organized - goals are easy to break down into projects and tasks
Prioritize - know your time is well spent where it counts the most
Be Flexible - get started quickly, then move, add and revise details as projects evolve
Get Realtime Feedback - to do list changes dynamically in response to what you get done
Stay Focused - long term goals don't get lost in the shuffle
Be Efficient - routines schedule themselves and patterns are easy to change
Relax - carve out time in the most hectic schedules to relax and have more fun