Recreation - iPod Big Button Remote

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Model: H-13
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Manufacturer: RJ Cooper & Associates
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iPods remain the hottest technology that has hit in a long time. 

This a large button remote control allows individuals with fine motor difficulties easy control to listening functions of an iPod or MP3 player.

This accessible control for iPods features a large green “play” button that is 1 ¾ “ and 4 smaller buttons that are 1 ¼”. The smaller buttons control volume and allow the listener to select the previous or next song listed on the iPod.

The buttons are raised and slightly convex.This radio frequency (RF) remote does not have to be lined up with the iPod. Its buttons are raised and slightly convex, and each button is a different color. The unit's entire face is angled at about 20 degrees. The unit has switch inputs on the rear for performing any of the button functions. The remote unit comes with a receiver unit that attaches to the bottom of the iPod.

The audio can be heard either through your iPod's regular earbuds, or through one of the great external speakers currently available for iPods.