Seating - Ortho Wedge Seat Cushion

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Do you experience back pain while sitting in the car, or at work? Are you considering a lumbar cushion?

There are many different styles on the market including some that provide heat or massage, some with inserts or air to vary the amount of pressure provided. But determining which one is right for your back can be challenging.

We now have a variety of seating cushions available for short loan, including seat wedge.

The Ortho Wedge Seat Cushion provides a simple, effective way to reduce lower back fatigue, aches and pains from constant driving! 

You'll sit straighter and that means less fatigue of the lower back muscles that cause the painful aching of the lower back. The orthopedic design foam wedge automatically adjusts your spine for better alignment, and the cutout section relives painful pressure on the tailbone.
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