Software - Gus Access Keyboard

SKU: 2222
Availability: Demonstration Use Only - Statewide
Manufacturer: Gus Communication Devices, Inc..
Rental Terms: Available for demonstration
If you need an on-screen keyboard with (or without) "switch/scanning" to access Windows to type a letter, surf the internet, or do anything else, then this is the solution you've been looking for!

The Gus Access Keyboard can be operated with any Windows compatible pointing device including a mouse, trackball, touch screen or "head pointing" device. This latter device enables the user to remotely move the cursor anywhere on the screen and make selections by simply moving the head (hands free). Select a key on the on-screen keyboard and it will be "typed" into the computer for you!

Another way to operate the keyboard is using the included "switch/scanning" feature. The "switch/scanning" method is extremely valuable to people who do not have the head control to use a "head pointing device" but have enough movement somewhere on their body to activate a switch. As an example, if a user could only move their right index finger very slightly, then a very sensitive switch can be mounted beside that finger. When the letter they want to type is highlighted by the "switch/scanning" feature in the software, they simply need to activate the switch to make their selection.

Word completion / prediction(completes the current word /guesses the next word )
Abbreviation expansion(expands a few characters into a word/sentence).
Speech output(Microsoft Speech Synthesizer included!).
Internet navigation commands included on keyboard.
Since keyboard fills part of computer screen, some users prefer to use onscreen keyboards with a larger monitor.