Software - Captain's Log Attention Skills

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Availability: Lab Use Only
Manufacturer: BrainTrain
Rental Terms: For use in Lab
This module presents challenging exercises to develop higher level cognitive skills - auditory attention and discrimination, listening skills, divided attention, visual scanning, short-term memory, and faster mental processing speed.

Consisting of three programs, this module can also be set up to develop problem solving/reasoning skills, processing speed, impulse control, and better focus. It provides an excellent way to continue building on the skills developed in Attention Skills: Developmental or to enhance advanced attention and memory skills for peak performance.

This software is installed on a laptop and ready for loan.

Examples of Attention Skills modules:

"Smart Detective" trains visual scanning, attention, processing speed, and concentration skills. The Player must keep the rule in mind and react quickly to what he sees. The screen may change every second!

"Symbol Search" (shown below) trains visuospatial classification, visuospatial sequencing, visual scanning and general attention.The player must remember multiple rules and act quickly.