Software - EZ Keys

SKU: 2379
Availability: Demonstration Use Only - Statewide
Manufacturer: Words+, Inc.
Rental Terms: Available for demonstration
EZ Keys is designed for users who have a third-grade reading level or above and cannot speak or for speaking users who desire adapted computer access.

Users with a wide range of disabilities find EZ Keys simple to operate and essential to everyday communication. EZ Keys allows the literate user to do everything from typing a letter, to engaging in conversation with a friend, to exploring the worldwide web.

When the user begins to type a word, EZ Keys displays a table of the six most frequently used words that begin with those letters. You select the appropriate word from the display, and EZ Keys instantly types the remainder of the word.

In addition, EZ Keys features next word prediction, where the program actually learns your word patterns and displays a list of the last six words you used in conjunction with the previous word.

Conversations in an Instant.
Store hundreds of thousands of phrases and sentences and then retrieve them instantly using EZ Keys’ Instant Phrases. Group phrases according to subject, such as family matters, sports, personal needs, jokes or hobbies, and then use them quickly in everyday conversations.