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SKU: 2270
Availability: Lab Use Only
Manufacturer: Dolphin Computer Access Inc.
Rental Terms: Available for demonstration
Dolphin Guide has been designed for blind and partially sighted people who have little or no knowledge of computers. It makes a computer accessible and easy to use. Installing Dolphin Guide onto a computer will provide onscreen information which is read aloud using synthetic speech.

Dolphin Guide is not just a screen reader but a package of easy-to-use program including email creation, word processing, internet access, and much more.You can choose from three naturally sounding synthetic speech voices; change the text and background colors as well as magnify the text and image to suit your needs.

If you are already a computer user and intend to use Microsoft Word and other office packages you will need to choose an alternative screen reading program. Guide can be turned off at any time to access the standard Windows environment.

Some of the Features:
Scan and read - add a scanner to your computer and Guide will read your letters, bank statements, newspaper, magazine or any printed document back to you.

Email - Emails will be downloaded automatically and displayed in a list where you can choose which ones to read either in large print or listen to them using synthetic speech.

Surf the web - Guide has a simple and easy to use web browser to help you navigate round the world wide web.

Typing tutor and keyboard practice - there is a key describer mode to help you understand the layout of the keyboard by echoing your key presses. Guide also has a built-in typing tutor which helps you improve your typing skills and make using a keyboard easier and faster.