Software - iCommunicator 4.0

SKU: 3004
Model: V 4.0
Availability: Lab Use Only
Manufacturer: PPR Inc. of Brooklyn, NY
Rental Terms: Available for demonstration only
This software converts speech-to-text-to-video sign language in real time using an integrated Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech Engine. The translated text can be saved for future use. Features variable signing speeds.
iCommunicator promotes independent communication for persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and encourages increased literacy by “translating” English a number of ways.

By taking spoken or written words and presenting them to the user in a variety of different formats, iCommunicator provides rehabilitative benefits for a number of potential users:
• Visual learners learn best by seeing information; the iCommunicator provides a
visual display of spoken words.
• Individuals with speech disorders can use the iCommunicator’s voice output to
learn the proper pronunciation of words.
• When developing readers struggle with pronunciation, iCommunicator’s voice
output helps to learn the word.
• The iCommunicator helps individuals with hearing assistive devices make sense
of the sounds that they are hearing. 

The iCommunicator is not intended as a replacement for sign-language interpreters, but as an alternative when an interpreter is not available:

This software is installed on a laptop and ready for you to try!