Software - Live Balance App for Windows

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Manufacturer: Llamagraphics, Inc.
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Life Balance is a time-management software application for iPhone, (or iPod Touch) Palm OS, Macintosh and Windows that really helps you stay positive and motivated while achieving what you set out to do. It is personal coaching software that helps you to decide what to work on, so that you can put your effort into the goals, projects and tasks that really matter to you.

Life Balance helps you to make better decisions about what to do next so you can find more free time for family, personal interests, relaxation and fun.

A built-in outliner so that you can organize your tasks into projects
The ability to re-prioritize all the tasks in a project by dragging a single slider
An unlimited number of places (categories) that you can use to filter your to-do list
Dependencies, so that Step B won't appear on your list until Step A is finished
Routine tasks, like laundry, can be scheduled to happen with a flexible interval rather than scheduling for a particular day and time
Lead times to gently bring your attention to approaching deadlines
Integration with the schedule in your Palm's built-in Date Book
Pie charts that provide feedback on how you are spending your time