Software - QualiEye Cursor Control Software

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QualiEYE is cursor control software for people with disabilities who require a hands free mouse alternative.

It converts head or finger movements into on-screen cursor movements in real time by processing the images from a standard USB camera.

QualiEYE provides a very precise hands free cursor control and does not require the user to attach any sticker or other devices to the body. QualiEYE also manages all the mouse functions and much more.

It works for anyone with controlled movement of their head or finger and requires a hands-free mouse alternative. QualiEYE can be totally personalized and adjusted to any need.

How does it work?
Just sit in front of the Web Cam and look at the screen. Move your head or finger and the cursor will follow, in real time!

QualiEYE automatically transforms detected movements into cursor movements or even into commands.

It includes a very sophisticated Motion Detection systems, able to detect and analyze any small movements.

Limit the area of capture (for example the head) and only the movements inside the limited area are considered by QualiEYE, avoiding any interferences from background movements.

This feature is the perfect solution for users that want to perform the click with only the blink of an eye, or a small movement of a cheek, lips, eyebrow, finger, foot, etc.