Software - Read&Write Gold Mobile

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Read&Write GOLD is a resource tool designed to help individuals ages 7 and older overcome reading and writing difficulties.

The easy-to-use, customizable toolbar “floats” on your computer screen, or docks to a locked position, offering help as you work. It highlights and reads text aloud using natural-sounding male or female voices, and also includes a comprehensive set of support tools for reading, writing, studying, research and test-taking.


Facilitates research, writing and studying by providing access to the curriculum.
Helps struggling students improve reading fluency and comprehension.
Encourages students to complete assignments and take tests independently.
Highlights and reads aloud the selected text on any part of a computer screen.
Features high-quality, natural-sounding male and female voices.
Integrates with Windows applications like Microsoft© Word and Internet Explorer.
Provides tools suited for instructional support across all Response To Intervention (RTI) tiers.
Supports the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).