Software - SpeakQ

SKU: 2330
Availability: Lab Use Only
Manufacturer: Quillsoft Ltd
Rental Terms: Available for demonstration only
The SpeakQ plug-in takes everything you love about WordQ and adds forgiving speech recognition to the mix. You must have WordQ to use SpeakQ.

The SpeakQ plug-in:

Lets you type the words you know and use voice to text to say the the ones you don’t
Speech recognition helps you write everything you say from single words to entire paragraphs
Offers suggestions for words you have difficulty pronouncing
Train its voice recognition to understand your voice, with no reading required
More tolerant speech recognition for children, accents and speech difficulties than other software
Allows you to mix typing and speaking for best results
No voice commands to remember or distract

System requirements:
Windows XP (English only), Vista (32/64 bit)* or Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
WordQ version 3 installed before SpeakQ installation
1 GHz or higher processor speed
1GB RAM preferred
Noise-cancelling microphone and speakers or headset